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Friday, September 30, 2005

Red shirts are immoral

The Hindu reports:
Anna University's dress code for students bans T-shirts and jeans. But an engineering college at Thorapakkam near Chennai `improved' upon it and, on Wednesday, pulled up a first-year student for donning a dark-coloured shirt.

Avinash Nahar of MNM Jain Engineering College, who wore a red shirt and black trousers to college, was "detained" for questioning by five faculty members and the Principal.


The college authorities said it was the third time Avinash was "caught breaking the code," which says boys should wear only light-coloured shirts and dark trousers, must shave and keep their hair short.
Yeah, I can just imagine how the principal of that college gets his kicks. In the dead of night, when all of Chennai is asleep, he puts on a red shirt and sneaks out to the terrace of his building. There, with a gentle breeze blowing against a torso that feels so nice in that RED shirt, he feels himself, and laughs madly. The shrill sound of his laughter travels through the streets of Chennai to the house where young Avinash tosses uncertainly in his sleep, dreaming of graduation day.
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