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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Not-So-Young Men in Spats

Samit Basu writes:
[I]f we ever want to put a temporary stop to IWE literary spats, we’ll have to organize an actual televised writers’ wrestling contest where our literary heavyweights can settle the score once and for all. Not-So-Young Men in Spats, we shall call it; there will be no Eggs, Beans or Crumpets present, but there will be a lot of Nuts. Sir Vidia, clearly the Hulk Hogan of Indian writing, and his followers will slug it out with Rowdy Rushdie and innocent passers-by in a gut-wrenching, epic battle of blood, sweat and ink. And when the dust has settled and the million-pound contracts have been signed, hopefully everyone involved will see how silly all of this is and get back to writing really good books.
That's the conclusion of a lovely essay that brings some sense into discussion of a subject I otherwise find rather silly: Indian Writing in English. It makes an unpronouncable acronym, and to me the 'I' and the 'E' are utterly irrelevant to a good book: only the 'W' matters.

(Link via Sonia.)
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