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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Vigilante justice in Vijaywada

The Times of India reports from Vijaywada:
A widely respected principal of a private school spent Tuesday evening at a police station stripped down to his underclothes after he was arrested for allegedly taking nude pictures of a girl student and storing them in his personal computer.
The report describes how he summoned the girl to the school one evening, and asked her brother, who accompanied her, to wait downstairs while he took her to his office. Then:
The girl stated that Srinivasa Rao showed her his new digital camera and asked her if she would like her pictures taken. She smiled shyly and he clicked some pictures of her in her uniform.

Then suddenly he asked her to undress. She obliged uncertainly. He photographed her nude and went on to load the cartridge on his PC.
After the girl complained, the principal, Srinivasa Rao, was "made to stand in the lock-up in his underpants as a form of vigilante punishment."

Well, I've been to Vijaywada once, on the only occasion that I qualified to play in India's national junior chess championship, many years ago, and it was so unbearably hot -- there are tales of crows falling down dead because of the heat there -- that I was tempted to play in my underpants (play chess while in my underpants, I mean), and in a stray moment even imagined all the players, including the handful of girls, doing the same as crows fell around us. Um, sorry, off topic...

Anyway, I'm not sure that the punishment meted out to Mr Rao is quite commensurate with the crime. Just a few hours of humiliation (and ventilation) for him -- these old geezers are shameless bast*rds anyway -- but potentially rather more traumatic for her. I'll be curious to see what transpires later in this case.
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