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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The empowerment of escapism

That's not my phrase, it's Shah Rukh Khan's. He coins it in an article in today's Indian Express that contains some truly bizarre writing. Consider this:
You’ve got to know that for any regular guy from Ulhasnagar, getting good products at affordable prices is an index of the country being self-sufficient and empowered. The ideology of India has always been to create its own. Maybe we make cheaper versions of cars or mixies but we never look outside.


Things are wonderful in India. The economic structure is rising, technological advancements are making headlines and the social consciousness is also pretty encouraging. We’ve made progress in all spheres. Be it malls in Gurgaon, irrigation in Punjab or computer advancement in Hyderabad: greatness is happening every day. We’re unaware of it but we’re definitely not worse than what we were 50 years ago.

Disinvestment and the removal of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) show that all this is an educated process. And we aren’t just following any monkey business. [...]

Personally, I’ve a problem with the power of information. I’m not an authority on it but I think somewhere down the line, information has been a huge downside. We can access information anytime but we don’t know what to do with it. So, information creates bottlenecks. We create a flyover to Nehru Place but forget to connect it to Surya Hotel.
Phew. I can't believe a newspaper -- any newspaper -- could publish such junk. Unless it was planning to run a story headlined "Bollywood star turns out to have brain of seven-year-old", and decided on a demonstration instead of a report.

Er, oops, I apologise to any seven-year-old who might be reading this and is offended.
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