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Monday, August 29, 2005

Off with her legs

The Telegraph reports:
A farmer chopped off both the legs of his wife while she slept, accusing her of being a spendthrift, reports our special correspondent.

Syed Fakruddin of Andhra Pradesh, who worked on a sheep farm in Kuwait, returned last week to find that his wife, Sadiquin Begam, had spent all the Rs 4 lakh that he had sent on jewellery and clothes.

A furious Fakruddin bought an axe on Wednesday, while returning to his home in Anantpur district and hacked the legs of his wife while she slept. Fakruddin then rushed Sadiquin to a government hospital, where the limbs had to be amputated.

The police dropped the case registered against the farmer when he surrendered the next day as Sadiquin did not want any action taken.
So do you think that a crime should be condoned just because the victim forgives the criminal? I think not. That's like saying that a rapist should be let off if the rape victim forgives him, or even agrees to marry him, which a lot of people, even judges, seem to think is acceptable. Cases like this set just the wrong precedent.

Update: And here's a story about a woman who wanted to commit suicide and jumped into a lake with two daughters, aged four and two. They drowned, she survived, and is being prosecuted for murder, as indeed she should be. Her husband is appealing for clemency, though. The fellow "feels that his children were destined to be killed by their own mother." Such nonsense.

Update 2: Vimalanand Prabhu writes in:
I fail to understand what the Public Prosecutor does in India. Isn't it his duty to file a case if some crime has happened? What if the lady got killed? In that case, she cannot take any action against her husband. Should, therefore, we not file any case against the criminal?
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