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Monday, August 29, 2005


We all know what MSM stands for. Well, now Arun Simha tells us all about how MSB (Mainstream Blogs) can be even more partisan.

I must point out that I strongly disagree with what Arun says about Instapundit, though. Glenn Reynolds (aka Instapundit) is certainly not "a biased hack", nor can he be described as the far right. (Arun doesn't back up these assertions, and I wonder what he bases them on.) Reynolds is broadly libertarian, which is perhaps the reason I enjoy his blog so much. I find his commentary to be crisp and balanced, and I think he has done more to demonstrate the potential of blogging than any other blogger in the world. That is why he is so popular, and if popular is mainstream, well, I don't see why that's necessarily a pejorative.
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