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Friday, July 01, 2005

Not such a big deal after all

Jim O'Neil and Olinda DoNorte write in responding to my post about the NY Times article about a summer camp for the children of atheists and agnostics. Both want to correct the impression in my sentence, "Strange, I didn't know religion was such a big deal in the US. In India it doesn't interfere with my daily life..."

Jim writes, "The same is pretty much true here in the US as well, Amit." And Olinda elaborates:
In large urban areas it's a non-issue. (Though Christianity, like Hinduism in India, has certainly seeped in deep enough to be noticeable anywhere.) It's just in places like Louisiana and Kentucky where they get all tied upin knots over Jesus as Your Personal Saviour.
Well, that clears it then. The NY Times perhaps overstated the "bigotry" atheists and agnostics face by just a bit.
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