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Saturday, July 30, 2005

For the sake of the workers

"If you force the industry to compulsorily allow unionisation," writes Ravikiran Rao, "you will end up retarding industrial growth and causing massive unemployment, as they have managed in Kerala and West Bengal." He continues:
Here’s an idea - do away with our awful labour laws. If we need to have them, they should only provide for enforcement of contracts between workers and the management. Make the right to form unions and the right to strike presumptive rights - i.e. valid unless the workers agree not to do so, as a condition of employment. You will find that the lot of workers will improve from the only cause it has ever done - a tight labour market.
Here's the full post, in which he argues, as Nitin Pai had done earlier, that "the brutality in Gurgaon is a case for labour reforms, not against." I agree.

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