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Friday, July 29, 2005

Announcing Mumbai Help

Peter Griffin, the man behind Tsunami Help, has teamed up with Sunil Nair and started Mumbai Help, a CollaBlog (or collaborative blog; the neologism is Peter's) that intends to be an information resource for people in Mumbai, especially at times like this. In Sunil's words: "Here is an attempt to list articles, addresses, people, places, anything that will help when disaster hits Mumbai next time." Peter explains more here.

It is a fabulous initiative, and should you wish to be a part of it, write to Peter and he will send you an invite. His email id is: zigzackly AT gmail DOT com. People from outside Mumbai are welcome to join, as in times of crisis residents of the city might well be unable to blog, and people from outside could play an invaluable role in putting important information online.

PS: I've made my last update on the situation in Mumbai on my post "Words and pictures from Mumbai". For more updates and information, Mumbai Help is the place to go to. (Update: So is Cloudburst Mumbai. See here.)
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