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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A partial transformation

The Indian Express writes:
The Bengal CPM’s embrace of economic reform, including privatisation, is one of the momentous transformations underway in contemporary politics. It augurs well for the nation when a party that had the most ideological investment in opposing reform begins to acknowledge its necessity. The CPM is demonstrating that a party of governance has to orient itself towards future possibilities rather than be a prisoner of dead dogma. It is also beginning to acknowledge that under no conceivable definition of being pro-poor can the state justify running loss-making public sector enterprises. Those who argue for an expansive role for the state in areas it has no business entering into, are not looking out for the poor.
Now if only the Left parties would apply that same pragmatism to their dealings with the central government. They aren't governing there, of course, and that absence of accountability and responsibility makes all the difference.
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