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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Supporting the Taliban

A few of the people who mailed me after my recent post, "Mumbai's Taliban", were outraged that I should be denigrating the Shiv Sena by comparing them with Mullah Omar's men. It isn't, as I had thought, just a small fringe that supports the Sena. And today's Times of India confirms that. In a poll on, as many as half of the respondents agreed with the Sena's views on the matter of the Marine Drive rape. Read more on that poll, and some sample opinions of readers, here.

Some of the opinions baffle me. One guys says, "After all we should not forget that we are Indian. So it's 100% appropriate to say 'Avoid revealing clothes, avoid rape.'" Another person writes, "Girls must wear elegant clothes & not revealing clothes. This is not our culture." I'm sure (I hope!) the poll isn't representative, but even if a few people think like this, that is shocking.

Also read: this Indian Express editorial that says that "Mumbai’s citizens are demanding an end to moral policing and a beginning to police accountability." Are they, really? Or is it just a few of us "English-speaking types" who are making such demands?
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