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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Leggy and her boyfriend, Possessive

The Indian Express has an interesting feature titled "Trailer Tales", in which it looks at "what goes on behind Bollywood's closed doors". Here's a bit that I enjoyed:
Possessive boyfriends can be a pain, as a leggy model-turned-actress will testify. She’s dating a superstar known for his tendency to break things in a jealous rage. On a recent shoot, crew members narrate how the PYT was constantly on the actor’s radar. "He’s very possessive, and doesn’t give her any breathing space. When a photographer came to take pictures of her, she said no in front of her boyfriend. But the instant he left, she made a deal with the lensman to come and click her later when she knew she would be alone," confides a technician.

Also in the Indian Express, Dharmesh Darshan explains the cinematic importance of Karisma's kiss and Kareena's bare back.
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