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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Vote for me in the Indibloggies!

Great joy comes in informing you that India Uncut has been nominated for Best IndiBlog in this year's Indibloggies. I won this award last year, all thanks to the kindness of my readers, but the competition this time promises to be tougher.

If you feel India Uncut has given you a few moments of pleasure in the last year, and that it deserves this award, please feel free to vote for me. Immense hard work goes into giving you many things to read everyday, and I assure you that the sacrifices I have made for India Uncut include no cows.

Some other nominees in other categories I'd highly recommend:

Best Group/Community IndiBlog: The Indian Economy Blog by various contributors, including me.

Best Humanities IndiBlog: The Middle Stage by Chandrahas Choudhury.

Best New IndiBlog: Kalachakra by Shruti Rajagopalan.

Blogs like Digital Inspiration (Science/Technology) and Trivial Matters (Photoblog and Travel) are also well worth your time, and I hope they win in their respective categories.

Do express your preferences by voting here. It will take five minutes, and no, you do not need to have a blog to vote, that field is optional. I think you're allowed one vote per email ID.

Update: Debashish, the administrator of the Indibloggies, updates:
If you don’t get an email after registration or after completing the survey, please check your spam folder, many Gmail users have reported this. I am not sure why this happens coz the mails are being sent from indibloggies mail ID only.
Also, do read the top of that post for his update about a repoll for the Science and Technology category.

Don't let all this scare you away, I need your vote!
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