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Monday, February 12, 2007

Rakhi Sawant's Valentine's Day message

Hindustan Times asks Rakhi Sawant if she has a Valentine's Day message for her boyfriend, Abhishek. Her message:
Don't object to whatever I wear, small or big.

What I find charming about Rakhi -- and people who watched Bigg Boss regularly will surely agree with me -- is that at any given point of time, she says what's on her mind with complete honesty. WYSIWYG. A few months ago I would have imagined her saying the quoted words above for effect, but it now seems to me that she is being entirely candid about what she would really have told Abhishek. Her answer to the next question in the interview is another indication of that candour. Who among us could be so open in public?

We're a society of voyeurs, of course, which ensures that Rakhi will get much more than 15 minutes of fame, with her life and her thoughts an open book. I'm not sure that's good for her, but the tabloids love it, and so it goes.

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