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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Vulturo and Kate Moss

Vulturo disagrees with my post asking readers not to bother with notions of beauty gathered from popular culture, and instead to just be happy being themselves. He writes that "small is beautiful" and "[b]ig asses are intimidating and ugly," as are "[m]elon sized boobs." He says:
Lay off them Jalebis and what not is Vulturo’s honest advice.

As an afterthought, I think I would love to have sex with Kate Moss.
Immense surprise comes, and I must confess I didn't expect this from Vulturo. Surely he would have seen that I was expressing a principle, not a preference. And surely that principle -- that we should be free from the dictates of popular culture, and not let it frame our self-image -- would be one he would wholeheartedly endorse.

And, er, Kate Moss?
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