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Friday, December 15, 2006

Stardonic does a star turn

A blogger whose posts I've always enjoyed has anonymously started a blog named Stardonic, along with some pals of his, and it's a hoot. Instantly you must go -- well, open in a new window or tab, don't leave India Uncut! -- and check it out. Some sipperb delights await you, and I'm not referring to the lady in the enticing choli on the top banner. (Ah, cholis!)

For example, from this post I discovered a fabulous quote by a film-maker named Velu Prabhakaran:
My message is for the next generation. Here’s what I want my movie to tell them. Men have boobs just like women do. But women have some extra stuff going on in that area, so their boobs appear fleshier. That’s it. So I want the next generation to ignore boobs. (original link, subs. only.)
That, of course, gives license to this generation to go overboard. Especially with Riya Sen. In a post called Riya Sen Wears Clothes, the lady is quoted as saying:
There are times when this popularity has become so much of a problem for me. I have to handle the situation carefully at such times. There have been several occasions when I have to tackle people who unnecessary get close to me or look into my clothes,”… (original link.)
I'm a huge fan of looking into clothes. I often look into mine to see if everyone is happy. Anyway, in this post, we are told of how Aftab Shivdasani once said, "I am 28 but I look like someone in his 20s." Staggering.

So go and check out Stardonic, and though I can't reveal the name of the blogger friend who's running it ("We don't want our parents to know what we are up to," he writes to me. Pah!), I have high expectations of it.

There are two other new sites that have been brought to my attention recently, and since I'm in a good mood, I'll let you judge for themselves if they're any good. One is Zoppr, yet another Digg clone, but one whose design I like. The other is, which its founder, Rohan Pinto, describes in an email to me as being "an effort to popularise and make visible a range of lesser known languages, traditions and cultures of a part of india called the 'konkan' region, highlighting languages like konkani, kannada, tulu marathi etc."

Starting new ventures involves a lot of guts and much potential heartbreak, and I wish all these chaps the very best of luck.
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