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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ravi Shastri and Section 295 (a)

PTI reports:
A case was filed against former Test cricketer Ravi Shastri in a local court here for allegedly hurting the religious feelings of Hindus by reportedly eating beef during the India-South Africa Test match in Johannesburg.


The complainant alleged that Shastri has hurt the feelings of Hindus by reportedly eating beef in full knowledge and by commenting, "though I know that I am a Brahmin, I can't stop myself from eating the dish (billtang)."
I'm no fan of Shastri's commentary -- he is a master of the kind of cliches I describe here -- but would the cops take me seriously if I complained that I was offended by it? Giving offence should not be a crime, no matter what the context is. One of the laws the case has been filed under is Section 295(a), and I repeat the assertion I first made here -- that law should not exist.

(Link via email from Gaurav.)

Update: The Rational Fool points out the Shastri was merely following our scriptures when he ate beef. The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad states:
VI-iv-18: He who wishes that a son should be born to him who would be a reputed scholar, frequenting the assemblies and speaking delightful words, would study all the Vedas and attain a full term of life, should have rice cooked with the meat of a vigorous bull or one more advanced in years, and he and his wife should eat it with clarified butter. Then they would be able to produce such a son. [My emphasis.]
I don't know about the butter, but I'm sure Shastri could argue that the issue stands clarified.

Meanwhile, Gautam John points to how a bunch of academics are fighting for the freedom of expression, while a blogger's been driven out of town because of something he wrote on his blog.

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