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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Irony time: 2

The Right to Property was once a fundamental right in India, enshrined in Article 19 (1) (f) of the constitution. It no longer is. It was removed as a fundamental right in 1978 in the 44th Amendment to the constitution. And that amendment, which you can read online, begins:
Recents experience [sic] has shown that the fundamental rights, including those of life and liberty, granted to citizens by the Constitution are capable of being taken away by a transient majority. It is, therefore, necessary to provide adequate safeguards against the recurrence of such a contingency in the future and to ensure to the people themselves an effective voice in determining the form of government under which they are to live. This is one of the primary objects of this Bill.
Delicious, no?

(Also -- Irony time: 1.)
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