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Friday, December 22, 2006

Beggars can be choosers

Kalyan Varma calculates, in a post called "Economics of Begging in Bangalore," that beggars at traffic signals in Bangalore can make as much as Rs 24,000 a month if they work eight-hour days. Maybe it's time for me to leave the blogosphere and enter the beggosphere.

Of course, as someone points out in the comments, it is likely that many of these beggars belong to syndicates, and don't actually make that much money themselves. Also, I'm sure the cost of entry into the profession would be way too high for some: losing an arm or a leg, for example. My joke in the first para is, thus, tasteless. Giving the privileged upbringing I've had, it's likely that I cannot even imagine a beggar's life. Shame shame.

There, I've said it myself. Who's going to feed the trolls if I eat humble pie myself?

(Link via email from Anand.)
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