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Friday, November 03, 2006

The flavour of smell

"Daddy, daddy, I don't want strawberry icecream."

"Ok, beta, then what do you want?"

"Strawberry condom."

No doubt it is because they fear conversations like this erupting across the country that "[a]uthorities want to stop the daytime airing of a television advertisement promoting flavoured condoms saying it is obscene and in bad taste." The flavours include strawberry, chocolate and banana. Hmm.

Arjun Narayan, who mailed me the link, points me to what certainly must rank as the line of the day:
A senior DKT official said the flavoured condoms were not meant to promote oral sex, but to encourage couples who do not like the smell of latex.
That's a stunning, stunning insight. I just hope I don't think of it the next time I engage in carnal activity, or I might just start vibrating with laughter and, um, spill the strawberry icecream.
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