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Monday, November 20, 2006

The compulsive orgasmer

I'm a huge fan of orgasms, but I must confess that I don't quite know what to make of this report:
Growing numbers of Japanese women are afflicted with an illness that gives them orgasms virtually 24 hours a day. And with suggestions that it could be deadly, the women hardly know whether they're coming or going, according to Shukan Post (11/24).

"If a guy simply taps me on the shoulder, I just swoon. Even when I go to the toilet, my body reacts. I'm a little bit scared of myself," one woman sufferer tells Shukan Post.


Yet another woman has her say. "Even the vibration of my mobile phone is enough to set me off," she says. "My friend said there's something called Iku Iku byo (Cum Cum Disease). I guess I've got that."
It appears that these ladies have something called the persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS). (It also appears that I now know what 'Iku' means in Japanese, thus guaranteeing a sparkling conversation the next time I bump into a pretty Japanese lady.) The Boston Globe has a report that indicates that this isn't just the preserve of the Japanese:
When Jean Lund, a 51-year-old office manager and mother of three, told her gynecologist the problem, he snickered and said, "You're every man's dream."

"I wanted to punch him," she recalled. "I'm suffering here, and he's laughing, `Hardy-har-har.' So I looked him in the face and said, `How would you like to walk around on the verge of orgasm every second?' And he shut up."
The article points out that this condition does not imply an addiction to sex. A sex therapist is in fact quoted as saying that "[t]here's no joy or fulfillment in [sex]." It's purely a physiological thing.

One might conclude that we are all slaves to biology, and it is in extreme cases like these (and these!) that we realise it, and protest against it. The rest of the time we can rationalise our physical impulses as being healthy (or 'natural'), though we sometimes use the irrestibility of them as welcome justification when we've been naughty. ("I couldn't help myself, I was drunk, and she was coming on strong, and you know how it is with guys!")

Indeed, the disclaimer that PSAS isn't sexual addiction seems to imply that an addiction to sex is somehow a worse thing, and not entirely physiological. It's not necessarily that way, as the moving documentary below indicates.

Girl Addicted To Sex - A True Story - video powered by Metacafe

(Mainichi-MSN link via email from Naveen, Boston Globe link via email from Ravikiran.)
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