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Friday, October 27, 2006

Waiter, there's a rat in my salad

Some people, it seems, don't like rats in their salad. AP reports:
A man is suing a McDonald's restaurant, claiming his wife and the family's live-in baby sitter found a dead rat in a salad they took home and had begun to eat.
While immense sympathy comes for the ladies (one of whom "became violently ill and endured long-lasting physical injuries") as well as the rat, in some places, rat-meat is considered quite a delicacy. China, for instance.

I suspect, though, that the gent will be making his own salad from now on. "MacDonald's has no business invading the West with the culture of the East," he will think, with not the slightest trace of irony. "Globalisation, pfaw!"
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