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Monday, October 02, 2006

Speaking of consistency...

... JK comes up with a "Consistency Adjusted Average (CAA)" for batsmen in cricket that he says is "Better than average." It's quite intriguing, and I wish he'd also done a table of the top batsmen of today, with their averages and CAAs. I suspect Rahul Dravid would top the CAA list just as he does the averages (here's the all-time list), purely because his centuries-per-Test ratio is relatively low compared to some of the gents who trail him, though his fifty-plus-scores-per Test ratio is right up there.

Of course, JK has deliberately left qualitative factors (condition of pitch, strength of opposition, match result etc) out of the equation, and the CAA can act as just another useful indicator among many. The pointless exercise of ranking batsmen is always bound to be subjective.

On that note, did any of you see Sachin Tendulkar's lovely 139 off 100 balls for India Blue v India Green (who were a red uniform) today? The pitch was flat, the bowling was pedestrian, but despite that, there was no doubt that the man is back at his best. With such ease and minimum movement he got into position, so much time he seemed to have to play his shots, such balance, such poise, such aggressive intent -- happiness appeared.
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