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Saturday, October 28, 2006

On scolding apes (and little kids)

Remember the story about the ape that rang a fire alarm. Well, it turns out that the Great Ape Trust has identified the ape: it's a bonobo called Panbanisha. AP reports:
[Al] Setka [a trust spokesperson] said Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, a lead scientist at the trust focusing on studying the behavior and intelligence of bonobos, scolded Panbanisha.

"It's my understanding that she's been told not to do it again," Setka said.
This is where a few hundred million parents across the world sigh and wish their kids were bonobos. This kind of scolding certainly never works on humans.

"Don't pull the fire alarm?" I'd have said as a kid. "Ok, I'm off to do my homework."

Then when no one was close to the fire alarm...

(Link via email from Arun Verma.)
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