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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mother-Father state (and the Ministry of Spanking)

Yes, yes, we speak a lot of the mai-baap sarkar in India (as I did here), but hell, all sarkars are mai-baap to some degree. Consider that the American government has now decided to have a say on what people do with their own money online. Garrumph.

Really, every government should have a minister for spanking. The bureaucrats at this ministry should be asked to spank errant citizens who have done something against the government's diktats. They should put them on their knees, bare the butt, and go spankacious. "Naughty naughty kids," they should say, "just because you vote us in and pay our salaries you think you're in charge, eh? Well, feel this."

(Link via email from MadMan. And I'm so delighted that a Wikipedia page exists for spanking. Hell, two! [NSFW])
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