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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mosquitoes v Tourism

In Kerala, mosquitoes are winning.

Anyone surprised? Mosquitoes have been around for 170 million years. And tourism? Ha.

PS: I'm surprised that people think mosquito-repellent creams and suchlike actually repel the beasts. If mosquitoes could laugh, throaty guffaws would no doubt erupt every time tourists rubbed some of that over themselves. "They're marinating themselves," I can imagine one mosquito telling another. "Don't you just love these tourists?

Update (October 4): Reader Mayank Upadhyay writes in to point me to a piece that evaluates the effectiveness of mosquito repellents. It seems that one repellent named Repel Permanone "kills bugs on contact."

Where's that distant sound of laughter coming from? And what's that vibrating on my forearm?
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