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Thursday, October 05, 2006

How to torture illegal prisoners

Step One: Feed them "a high-calorie diet" that makes them "normal to mildly overweight or mildly obese."

Step Two: Unleash WSJ's James Taranto on them, so that he can call one of them "so fat, when he blows himself up, he blows himself up!"

No, really, Guantanamo Bay is no laughing matter, and I shouldn't be so frivolous about it. I support the US in the War on Terror (by process of elimination, I assure you), but the way they're fighting it makes me cringe sometimes, and Guantanamo Bay is a particularly dark spot. It's just that, well, I can't help feeling that this description, by a US spokesperson, makes their meals sound like buffets at the Marriott:
The detainees are advised that they are offered more food than necessary to provide choice and variety, and that consuming all the food they are offered will result in weight gain.
Yeah, well, when you're locked up in jail, you're bound to be a bit depressed, and there are only two kinds of therapy that alleviate the pain somewhat. And since they can't go shopping, you might as well eat all you get.
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