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Monday, October 02, 2006

Ekta Kapoor turns to the stars

As if the number games she believes in aren't silly enough, Ekta Kapoor is now turning towards astrology to pick her cast and crew. Mumbai Mirror reports:
Mumbai's biggest soap factory, Balaji Telefilms, hires artistes not on the basis of their talent or resume but on the basis of whether their kundali (horoscope) matches that of Balaji and its head honcho, Ekta Kapoor.

For the last three months, actors, directors, writers and camerapersons for all of Balaji's new projects have been hired only after a team of specially appointed astrologers has carefully checked their horoscopes and confirmed that their stars compare favourably with Balaji's and Ekta's, sources said.
The article then has examples of people who've suffered because of this, and it reports that Kapoor has reportedly turned to astrology because the TRP ratings of her shows are falling. Well, if the ratings were high before she started this nonsense, then surely astrology can't be a factor, can it? The lady's gone cuckoo, and I'd certainly enjoy being a fly on the wall at Balaji as the ratings dip further and further.

She might even take a tip from Mulayam Singh Yadav's followers and start sacrificing buffaloes. Who can say?

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