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Monday, October 09, 2006

Cthulhu's gonna kick Tulzcha's butt

My friend, the noble quizzer Rishi Iyengar (or at least that is his name on earth), writes in:
I saw your blog post about the Servants of Tulzcha. Be aware that these heretics are actually mounting a subversive political campaign to deny the One True God, Cthulhu, and Its prophet, HP Lovecraft. More about Cthulhu's presidential campaign here.

It is Cthulhu, not the fraudulent Tulzcha, who will truly eat Its followers first. You will find the Truth in the zip file. Even that new poseur cult, fundie Christianity, has made the same claim as the monstrous Tulzcha.

Do not be misled. Only Cthulhu can promise you a hideous and lingering save you from an even worse doom. Repent now! The stars will be in alignment soon! Cthulhu comes!!
Dude, Cthulhu already came a few minutes ago, and now it's smoking a cigarette. Such it goes.
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