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Monday, October 09, 2006

Call centres, and 'a life of sin'

The Age reports:
Why does it take so long to get through to an Indian call centre? According to the Catholic Church, it's because everyone is too busy chatting up their colleagues — and maybe worse.

The church is so concerned by evidence that call centres are becoming dens of iniquity that it is offering week-long retreats in the hope of turning staff away from a life of sin.
Well, I would just like to assure the Church here, on behalf of all Indians (if the Hurriyat can speak for Kashmiris and the RSS for Hindus, I can surely speak for all Indians) that Indians don't have sex. Ok? Comprendre? (Don't ask me where the babies come from, we don't have storks either.)

So all this talk of sex at call centres is rubbish. We have call centres, yes, but no sex. The most sinful thing we do is eat lots of sweet things, which is why our men have paunches they can rest lunchtrays on, and our women have hips that require nine yards of cloth to get all the way around. All these things also come in the way of humpaciousness, so it's self-reinforcing.

And besides, in the purely hypothetical scenario that Indians did have sex, what business is it of the Church? What consenting adults do with their bodies, or with the bodies of other consenting adults, is no business of any other institution or suchlike. It's about time we stop foisting our definitions of 'sin' onto others, and disrespecting their choices.

See, even I can preach. Now all I need to do is pick a God.

(Link via email from Ayush Trivedi.)
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