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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Where your taxes go: 7

Nine million colour televisions, distributed over three years, by M Karunanidhi's DMK in Tamil Nadu.

Do note that once the nine million lucky households have the TVs that we've paid for, they'll need cable. And "Karunanidhi's nephews own the Sun Network, and ... the Sun-owned Sumangali Cable Vision controls over 85 per cent of CAS connections in the state."

Go, colour TVs! What good are toilets or schools?

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Update (September 15): Karthik writes in:
This might not be significant, since CAS has been implemented only in Chennai and most people in Chennai prefer to watch news channels for entertainment. The interesting part is that most people in TN pay Sumangali for getting a cable connection.

Someone was talking about a budget hotel in Amsterdam where you have to pay for water, but WIFI is free. It will be similar in TN, people who are BPL will have no food, shelter or water but TV!
I wonder if Karthik has ever tasted a colour picture tube. There's nothing as tasty as an electron gun salted just right.
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