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Saturday, September 16, 2006

This man is an island!

Man loses mobile phone in autorickshaw. Man sits and frets. Man decides to tell his friends about it.

Then he realises he does not have their numbers! He cannot get in touch with them now! He is lost, abandoned, his address book is gone and now he knows no one. He is an island now, all bridges to other islands and the mainland are... gone!

Sorry for being dramatic, that man is moi, and you can forgive a little drama from a man in my state. I left my mobile phone in an auto about an hour-and-a-half back, and tried calling, and calling, and calling. At first it just rang, then it got disconnected. Then it got busy!

Fear flooded through me. Could he be calling my contacts, especially the women I was just about acquainted with, and saying silly things? Could he be calling his village in Bihar or UP or Ghana? Maybe he was calling me?

But no call came, and after some time of trying and waiting, I called Hutch and got the number disconnected. So, for the moment, I am immobile, as one could joke weakly. I'm looking at the brighter side of things, though: at least I didn't leave my blog in an auto.

Or imagine what the autodriver would be blogging now!
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