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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kids nowadays...

Yeah, yeah, every generation invariably says, when it hits the thirties, "Damn, kids today are so smart. When I was three years old, I couldn't order 9000-pound cars on eBay using the computer."

If you think that's a made-up example, see this.

My problem isn't just with the kids of this generation, who combine a knowledge of nuclear physics with programming skills in C++ and write books on modern art by the time they're 14. I couldn't even deal with the kids of my generation, who have grown up to be successful bankers and film-makers and editors and suchlike, and who whip out their Vertus to pretend to take down my number and ask, "So what is it that you do these days, Amit?"

I clear my throat and mumble something about a blog.

"What's that? A blog? And does it make money?"

That's when I point to a far-off point behind the guy's shoulder, and when he turns, stab him with my steely knife.

The kids of today, though, are a bit too quick for that. They know Judo and Karate and Taekwondo. Oh woe.

(eBay kid link via email from Dibyo.)
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