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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do you like India Uncut?

If so, here is your chance to reward me for the hours of thankless effort I put in every day to bring a smile to your face and some joy to your day. India Uncut has just been nominated for Best India Blog in the Asia Blog Awards for the first quarter of 2006-07. As I do not have the physique to be a quarterback, please do go in and vote for me. All you need is one valid email ID per vote. And if you like my cow posts, do consider that I didn't stop at one. Wink wink.

And yes, thanks to you I won the Best Indiblog of the Year 2005, and also became the first Indian blogger to be nominated for the Best Asian Weblog in the 2006 Bloggies. Your abundant generosity at that time made me the monster I am today. How much worse can it get? It's all in your hands. Monstrosity never ends.

I'm a huge fan of readers who vote.
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