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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bill Clinton v Fox News

It's a knockout, and Fox is on the floor, struggling to breathe, perhaps regretting messing with Da Man. It starts when Chris Wallace tries to corner Clinton with what he deems to be hard questions about Clinton's record on hunting down Osama, and Clinton, like an experienced heavyweight who sees this young pretender charging at him madly, steps aside, lets the pretender crash against the ropes, and then pummels the shit out of him. Watch:

The full transcript is here, and if the video above is disabled at some point, you can watch it here. And ah, for further amusement, here's Rush Limbaugh commenting on the interview by saying that Clinton's socks were inappropriate for the occasion. His socks!

I thought Clinton defined the term 'presidential' in this interview, matching conviction with an ability to articulate himself that his successor unfortunately lacks. It's a pity that so much of his later term was spent beating him up about Ms Lewinsky: what two consenting adults do alone should have remained their business, and what they did together did not impact the running of the nation. (The fuss kicked up about it might well have, though.)

Sadly, no one else among the Dems (that I've seen) is nearly so cogent. How they must be wishing there were no term limits. They could put forward the right Clinton for president next time around then.

(Link via email from Kingsley.)
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