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Monday, August 28, 2006

Vegetarianism and fidelity

Maria points me, via email, to a story about a crocodile in "a temple pond in Kasargod in Kerala" that eats no meat and survives on "generous helpings of local boiled red rice." Much fun, but I am compelled to ask here if the crocodile is vegetarian purely because of lack of opportunity, because no other creatures exist within that "temple pond." If so, what's the big deal? If the temple priests kept the croc hungry for a week and then inserted their arms between its teeth, and it refused to bite, now that would be something.

This is where I state my belief that the factor most responsible for much marital fidelity is lack of opportunity. 'Much', mind you, not 'all.' I'm sure some of you married men out there would look resolutely at the ceiling fan if a Halle Berry lookalike shed some clothes in front of you complaining about the heat. And for you admirably resolute men, I have a question:

Have you ever considered keeping a crocodile as a pet?
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