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Sunday, August 27, 2006

God: 2,128,345+. Satan:10

Steve Wells points out that God has killed rather more people than Satan has.

I want to know what all my feminist friends have to say about this, the ones who go "God is a woman, God is a woman," and then expect me to open doors for them. (Why can't God do that?) God is a woman, huh? Well, that explains the cruelty!

And poor Satan's been hard done by here. "Why're you chaps always picking on me?" I can imagine him squeaking. "What about Osama and Mullah Omar? What about Rummy and Junior? Hell, I can bet even Salman Khan's got more blood on his hands than me, besides better biceps. We never had protein supplements back where I come from. Why do you think they call it hell?"

(Link via email from Rk.)
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