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Friday, August 18, 2006

Unleash the tiger

Or rather, save the tiger by unleashing the free market. Barun Mitra writes in the New York Times about how conservationists are failing to protect the tiger, but the free market would do a better job. He writes:
[L]ike forests, animals are renewable resources. If you think of tigers as products, it becomes clear that demand provides opportunity, rather than posing a threat. For instance, there are perhaps 1.5 billion head of cattle and buffalo and 2 billion goats and sheep in the world today. These are among the most exploited of animals, yet they are not in danger of dying out; there is incentive, in these instances, for humans to conserve.

So it can be for the tiger.
Read the full piece. Mitra, by the way, runs The Liberty Institute in Delhi.

(Link via Cafe Hayek, via email from Do Not Ask.)
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