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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Udita Goswami on kissing

Udita Goswami announces in HT Tabloid:
I have pledged that in any of my forthcoming films I will not give a lip kiss. I am not comfortable doing that. I belong to a traditional family and my values do not allow me to indulge in such acts.
Yes, people from traditional families do not "lip kiss." Indeed, they copulate without any contact between their body parts, and as films depict reality, that is precisely what they should restrict themselves to showing.

When asked about her kiss in Aksar, the fine lady says:
I can kiss only Emraan [Hashmi] comfortably. If I had to do a kissing shot with any other actor, I would have literally cried.
So people from traditional families must hump without body parts touching, but they can kiss Emraan Hashmi. I'm sure Hashmi must be rather, um, busy.

Santa Banta has more on Udita, by the by. In an article titled "I'd rather strip than kiss: Udita," the lady is reported as saying:
It's really painful to shoot smooch shots in front of dozens of people while shooting. What's irritating is the actor's stubble, which rubs with my skin when I touch him. This is the reason I finds a clean-shaven man much more kissable.

I always use some good quality cream and after every shot, I apply it on my face and body parts for a soothing effect after such UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE. [Caps in original article. Why?]
I suppose Udita's growing as an actress, what else to say? Actually, I don't see why she should have to justify her decision to quit kissing on screen. Just because she used to kiss on screen doesn't mean that she should continue doing so, or that she owes anyone an explanation for changes her mind on the subject. After all, her lips are her own.

That's an interesting thought, actually. Do you think Indira Gandhi could have nationalised lips instead of banks?

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