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Monday, August 07, 2006

"How can my friend sort out his tiny knob?"

That's one question Tim Harford gets asked while shooting for "Trust Me, I’m an Economist," his forthcoming show on BBC2. I rather enjoyed The Undercover Economist, but his show, sadly, will probably not be aired in India. And what does Harford learn about being a television presenter? Here's an excerpt from his piece:
1) You get called “the talent”.

2) Other people pay for your sandwiches.

3) You get to take a lot of taxis.

4) You get free clothes, chosen by the producer, who is fresh from producing What Not to Wear.
Just like it is in India, I can safely inform you. Television dumbs things down everywhere, but Harford's show is still likely to be much more illuminating than watching Harford on Koffee with Karan could be. Unless, of course, the Karan in question was Thapar, not Johar.

One problem the finest economist can't solve, by the by, is the one of the tiny knob. That knob is the nub of all of humankind's problems and, sadly, its continued existence. Imagine what a dramatically different species we would be if our reproduction was asexual.
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