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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Be careful where you send that email

Reuters tells us about two German ladies who were discussing their partners' poor sex drives over email, when one of them accidentally sent the mail to the entire company. After that, needless to say, the mails spread and spread.

Amusing as this is, a blast of recognition must surely accompany our reading of this news. Which of us has not pressed "reply all" instead of "reply", or committed a similar blunder? (That is a rhetorical question; please do not send me email answering it!)

Indeed, it isn't just email with which it can happen. A friend of mine has a habit of not locking his mobile phone keypad, and he was once bitching about a colleague over lunch. Ten minutes after the bitching session, the colleague calls him up. "So you think I am [snip snip snip], huh?" My friend's phone had accidentally dialled his number while the bitching was in progress, and the man heard every word.

Indeed, imagine how many relationships would be shattered if every email account in the world was suddenly thrown open for anyone to read. Ooh hoo hoo. Complete honesty would savage us all.

Update: Benjamen Walker has a great story here about the consequences of accidental phone calls. Make sure you download and listen.

(Link via email from Anand.)
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