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Monday, July 24, 2006

Where your taxes go: 3


Now, to save you a click, let me summarise that for you. Boy named Prince falls into 60-foot pit. Boy trapped there for 50 hours. Boy rescued. The prime minister announces that the government will take care of the boy's medical expenses, and I'm cool with that, whatever.

But then both the state and central government announce that they're going to give the kid Rs 2 lakhs each. That Rs 4 lakhs of your money. For a kid who fell into a pit and is now out of it. I mean, immense sympathy comes and all that, but is the kid really entitled to your money?

(Link via email from Confused.)

Earlier in the series: 1, 2.

Update: More of your money than I thought is involved. The Times of India reports that Haryana's chief minister "announced a reward of Rs 51,000 each to the army personnel, local villagers and civilians who were directly involved in the over 30-hourlong rescue operation."

No, a count isn't given in the article.
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