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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rakhi Sawant's upper crust

In an article in HT Tabloid with the stunning headline, "'Twin assets' make men slobber," Rakhi Sawant is quoted as saying:
I do yoga and gym exercise to keep my breast well in shape. If you have a good bust and you show off just the upper crust of it, it means that you adding fuel to the men's imagination. He will think more and more about you just to know and ascertain the size of your bust. That's how you make a big impression on them. And that's the reason I prefer to show my cleavage so that I can grip a man well. I regularly apply creams and gels to enhance its appearance.
Now no doubt some idiot will assume that all this gives him the right to molest her. Pfaw. It's quite okay to make fun of the young lady -- how do you grip someone with your cleavage, I wonder -- but keep yer grubby hands off, Mika.

Anyway, do read the rest of the article, Mona Chopra is also quoted informing us that "[b]ig and well-shaped bust is considered to be very erotic." Really?

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