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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Now you can headbutt Materazzi

There, go ahead!

It's slowly tumbling out what Materazzi might have said to Zidane to provoke him. Most tasteless, but hardly uncommon. That kind of chatter goes on all the time at the highest levels of international sport, and you learn to ignore it at that level. Perhaps France could have got Matthew Hayden to conduct a sledging conditioning camp for Zidane.

Materazzi's assertion that he doesn't even know "what the word [terrorist] means" is most amusing, though, and I rather liked a former Everton team-mate's description of him as "one of those defenders where the ball would go past him or the man would — but very rarely both." Dude, that's the Italian tradition.

I don't think, by the by, that this head-butt will tarnish Zidane's legacy or something, any more than Maradona's cocaine exploits make us remember him less fondly. If anything, it will emphasise that this man with seemingly supernatural footballing skills was quite as human as the rest of us. We make mistakes, we face sorrow, that's life.

Now go play!

(Game link via email from buddy S Rajesh.)
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