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Friday, July 28, 2006

Mika: the "overnight smooching star"

To my disgust. saying "she asked for it" actually seems to work. Remember Mika and Rakhi Sawant? (I'd written about them here and here.) Well, guess what: that whole fracas has worked massively to Mika's benefit. Here's what he says to Gautam Buragohain of the Times of India:
I feel sorry for Emraan [Hashmi], poor chap it took him four years to build his image of a kissing star, while it took me just five minutes!

I have become an overnight smooching star and now wherever I go girls come up to me and beg me for a kiss. The other day I was at a party in Delhi and four girls came over and kissed me. Since they were all beautiful I didn't mind it.

Next an aunty came and kissed me! Nowadays whenever I see girls and aunties swooning over me, I get scared that I might develop some kind of allergy. I will have to approach a skin specialist soon.
The fellow even has the audacity to joke:
In a way, I've done some social service too. Look at Rakhi Sawant. She used to dress only in fancy clothes and now a day she wears saris. [Sic.]
Well, that isn't exactly true, but that's completely besides the point. And I hope Mika doesn't want to be famous as the "overnight fornicating star" next, because now that a precedent has been set, he probably won't ask permission.
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