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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hell hath no fury...

... yeah, yeah, you know the rest of it. And this is on national television. The Times of India reports:
Days after Patna police played cupid and got two lovers married, it was forced to break up two lovers at the behest of the man's wife. The protagonists in this tale were a Patna university professor, a JNU student and the man's wife, who called the cops.

The drama was beamed into living rooms on Friday morning, as Abha led the police and a TV crew to a room where her husband Matuknath Choudhary, a middle-aged BN College Hindi language professor, was locked in the arms of Julie, his young paramour.

When the couple refused to open the door, the police forced it open. Abha rushed inside hurling abuse at the duo, while some others painted Matuknath's face black.

In a fit of rage, she then pulled a screaming Julie by the hair, pinned her on the floor and beat her up.
Much fun, but what the fug does the police have to do with this? If anything, I'd imagine they'd try to save the poor lovers from the violence inflicted on them.

Anyway, much dialoguebaazi began after this, as the gentleman said things like "The law does not forbid friendship" and "I will love Julie till my dying breath" while young Julie declared that "Love knows no bounds" and the scorned wife pounced on the girl and shouted, "Mere ghar ko aag lagai hai." Should call the fire brigade then, no?

The best line of the report is saved for the end:
When asked how his children would react to this, Matuknath boasted that his son, presently in Sweden, was not at all an orthodox [sic]. "He is very brainy."
Yeah, you bet he is, getting out of the country before his momma caught him not doing his homework and exposed him on national television.

I'm not condoning adultery here, by and by, but simply saying that it is not a matter for the cops but for the civil courts. Too often in India, we blur the line between morality and legality, and this report illustrates the ridiculousness of that quite well. No?
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