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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The ancient and the mediocre medieval

Primary Red, taking a break from his retirement from blogging, visits the Louvre and concludes that "the ancient is far more interesting than the medieval." He writes:
Mona Lisa and Taj Mahal feel ridiculously pretentious now -- come look at me, how clever I am, how gifted, how very metrosexual! In contrast, those who chiseled out the law codes in Akkad or moved the Earth to shape the Great Pyramids and the Great Wall, or those who invented Zero were surely the real men among men.
Nice post, but what is this "real men among men" business? I never chiselled nothing, and I never invented no zero (though I tried my best to live up to it) -- does that mean I'm a false man? Boo hoo hoo (in a metrosexual way).
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