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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wisecrack of the day

His eyes are red. He must be staying awake days.
Yes, it's that kind of a month. What with the cricket (work) and football (play), I've been walking around in a daze, unable to answer email, using sloppy language on my blog, and answering phone calls all day and forgetting about them by the time I wake up for work in the evening. Meals are arbitary, and the only constant is the black coffee at midnight (mid-day for me!) and the Maggi at 4am. Hell, nights were fun once, when I was younger, but with age the body and the mind tire faster.

When I worked in MTV in the 90s, we had a pool table in office, and work would take place in five-minute breaks from long pool tournaments. When we'd be spending nights at editing studios, we'd have late meals at Delhi Durbar, and early bun-maska at Churchgate. Hell, you know, I did nights during India's last tour to West Indies as well, in 2002. I was at then -- we hadn't yet bought Cricinfo -- and after long nights at the Mahalaxmi office, we'd head over to a five-star hotel for a sumptious buffet breakfast on office expense. Of course, the office has tightened up now, but we do get free Maggi and, for those who want them, cornflakes. And milk. Pfaw.

Meanwhile, as I write this, a weekend prepares to end. Was it ever here? Where was I? Are we still in June?

Anyway, to read a master on sleeplessness -- as opposed to this sleepless blogger -- check out this fine old essay by Pico Iyer in the Guardian, on jet lag. On that note, back to shirk.
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