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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A simple, legal deposit

Obese Doofus walks into a bank and goes into Fat Manager's cabin.

Obese Doofus: Good morning Mr Manager, I'm Obese Doofus. I'd like to open an account in your bank. As you can see from my diamond necklace, I am rich. I am also metrosexual.

Fat Manager: Welcome Mr Doofus, please call me Fat. So tell me, what is your starting deposit?

OD: Thanks, Fat. I want to deposit 3,500 MP3 files.

FM: Excellent, excellent... er, 3,500 what, Mr Doofus?

OD: MP3 files, Fat, 3,500 MP3 files.

FM: Er, what kind of MP3 files, Mr Doofus? Is that a currency?

OD: No, Fat, it's a music format, like Wav, only compressed. I have converted my music collection and would like to store my MP3 files in your bank.

FM: Er, Mr Doofus, if you don't mind, I have a suggestion. [Long pause.] Why don't you store your MP3 files in an iPod?

OD: Sigh. Fat, the reason is simple: I have an iPod, but I use it for other kinds of storage. I store things in my iPod that I can't keep in your bank. And so I want to deposit my MP3s here. Comprendre, or should I be obnoxious and call your boss and get you sacked?

What am I talking about, you wonder, dear reader? Here you go.

Update: While on MP3s...
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