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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Photoshop UFOs, and Bus Uncle revisited

Peter informs me, via email, of this cool contest where people were asked to make pictures using image-editing woftware, I mean software, that proved that UFOs and suchlike existed. View the results here (many pics, so heavy page).

I'm tempted to announce a contest for people to use photoshop to make me good looking. UFOs are a breeze compared to that, you know.

On the subject of monstrosities, remember Bus Uncle? Well, Nishit Desai sends me links to a couple of spoofs on Bus Uncle: Bus Uncle as Darth Vader and Counter Strike Bus Uncle. I also discovered there's a merchandise page for Bus Uncle.

Immense aspiration comes. Being an uncle is too mundane, so I think my newest ambition is to be a bus.

Speaking of ambitions...

Update (June 16): Sanjeev writes in to point me to more updates: One, the boy in the Bus Uncle video requests the press not to arrange a meeting between Bus Uncle and him; and two, Bus Uncle gets beaten up.

No video of that, I'm afraid. Why do you ask?
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